How can I prevent the cat from entering my garden?

Initially, avoid feeding stray cats as this will encourage them to return to your garden. Otherwise, through densely planted shrubs, cats are less likely to dig holes in your garden (you can also use pebbles or sawdust). You can also keep the flower beds moist, because cats usually don't like wet ground. If a cat really enters your garden, you can tap or pat it at any time, or even install a spray that automatically detects exercise. Otherwise, a high and dense fence will make it difficult for cats to enter your garden.

Protect your cat from the outside

Cats often defend their territory. When two cats feel that a certain area is theirs, they will break out and cause harm and pain.

How to avoid cat fights:

  • Timeshare vacation with neighbors. Decide when your cat is outside. In this way, both cats can enjoy the garden without disturbing each other.
  • Install a cat flap that opens only for the cat's microchip, preventing other cats from entering your home.
  • Prevent other cats from entering your garden by making holes in fences or hedges.
  • Provide a trash tray indoors so your cat can choose to stay inside when it feels unsafe.
  • Remember to check your cat regularly for signs of injury or behavioral changes. If you are worried, please go to your local veterinarian for advice.

Cat in your garden

Some people are frustrated by the cats in their neighbors in the garden. Similarly, many owners are worried about the cats in their gardens because of the threat of fighting between their own cats and other cats. The following tips can help stop cats from being safe and humane from your garden without hurting them.

If the neighbor's cat disturbs your garden, there are ways to stop them humanely:

  • Don't give cats food because they may come back.
  • Planting shrubs closely, planting prickly plants, or using small pebbles or debris makes it difficult for cats to dig.
  • Water the flower beds because some cats don't like wet soil.
  • Drive them away by yelling or applauding.
  • Install an automatic sprayer that detects motion.
  • It is difficult to enter the garden with high and dense wooden fences.
  • Ask the owner if the cat is sterilized and make sure there is a suitable bathroom in your garden.