About Us

The goal of buyandadoptpet is to connect healthy pets with a compassionate family. We are not in favor of the pet mill, and we strongly oppose all breeding practices, in which the health and well-being of innocent pets is compromised.

Our mission is to improve life by putting healthy pets in happy homes. It is based on the belief that pets should be held and that owners should experience trust, confidence and transparency in the search for new partners.

On buyandadoptpet, we know what you are looking for in your partners. We understand the importance of your new member of the family as a healthy and happy pet. There are several things we do to make sure that your experience is positive.

Adopting a pet is a great commitment. As a possible owner of the pet, we recommend that you investigate thoroughly the varieties that interest you. By doing these things, make sure that the pet you chose is a good choice for your family.

Thank you for your opinion or doubt about us. You can contact us in writing or through our website.