Keep an eye on your kitten and prevent it frome dangerous

It is important to note that with all of these cat behavior problems and vocalizations, we are talking about adult cats! Kittens are far more different when it comes to their needs and wants, as they are younger and sometimes just trying to stand on their four feet. That said, when your kitten is exhibiting nonstop vocalizations, it is often because they need to nurse, want to be with their mother, want attention, or have gotten themselves stuck in a sticky situation.

Kittens understandably show a lot more interest and curiosity in their surroundings, and the best indicator in finding out how they are feeling is through two things - their tail and their ears. Perked up ears show that they are ready to explore and are intrigued by something in their environment. On the other hand, a kitten's tail (like adult cats) can tell you how they are feeling whether it is aggressive, intrigued, or frightened.

Now that you know what cat behavior signs and sounds to look for, the next step is being able to observe worrisome behaviors consistently. Between work, the gym, and running errands, it can prove harder than at first thought. If only we could clone ourselves! While that certainly isn’t going to happen soon, there is the next best thing - a pet camera. There are many reasons why they are so beneficial for pet owners, but being able to know that your pet is healthy and happy is one of the best.

Petcube Play is an invaluable tool for monitoring your cat’s behavior and it’s easy to use. The camera is connected through an app with your phone allowing you to monitor, talk to, and interact with your dog or cat through 2-way audio and a 1080p HD video camera. How’s that for being in two places at once!

Honestly, the important thing to remember with your cat is that communication is at the center of their personality. Every single thing they do can be a channel for communication with their owners, their families, and other animals. Whether this is through marking their territory with their fur and scent, vocalizing their opinions, or simply a twitch of their tail, they are letting us know what is going on and what they need. Your cat is in constant communication with you.