Why is my cat getting so thin?

Losing weight is a common feline problem, especially in older cats. It's up to you to figure out if your cat is losing weight (not what you see). This is because a fluffy cat fur coat can easily cover how thin or thin your cat becomes. Note that if your cat feels "skinny" when dressing or touching, when you pick it up, please note that if you usually have a fat cat friend feels light as feathers.

Even if your cat's appetite and behavior seem to be completely normal, unexplained weight loss should always be in contact with your veterinarian. More common causes of feline weight loss are described below.

Lack of food

When too little calories are ingested, weight loss occurs. Some of the more common reasons for cats to reduce their food intake include:
Oral pain in the mouth, such as growth or dental disease.
  • A food bowl game created by other cats or sneaky dogs.
  • Unable to reach the food bowl. For example, you can't jump to the kitten on the food counter.
  • Not interested in the type or brand of food supplied. A picky kitten will not eat for days or even weeks.

Stress or anxiety 

Some cats stop eating because of environmental stress, such as moving, or introducing new pets or humans into their lives.

Gastrointestinal disease

Gastrointestinal diseases prevent normal digestion and/or absorption of nutrients, resulting in weight loss. More common cat gastrointestinal disorders include:


Diabetic cats often show up as "hungry," and despite a strong appetite, they lose weight quickly. This is because diabetes can't properly handle and use the calories burned by kittens.


Many older kittens suffer from hyperthyroidism, which is excessively secreted by the thyroid gland. Although this disease can cause a variety of symptoms, the common feature of hyperthyroid cats is weight loss. This is because excess thyroid hormone increases the metabolic rate, causing more calories to burn.

Organ failure

Weight loss is usually caused by dysfunction or failure of important internal organs such as the heart, liver or kidneys. Losing weight is usually the result of a drop in appetite.


Certain types of benign and malignant tumors are notorious for causing weight loss. This is because some cancer cells consume calories and actually deprive the kittens of their nutrition.