Cat proofing house: things you need to know before a cat is comming

Cats, like many young people, eat almost anything. They will play anything that can be moved! Whether you want to adopt a new cat friend, or have already raised a cat or two cats (or three or four!) It is important and easy to prepare an anti-cat home for your little curious little cute. of.
Try to get all the family members to develop the habit of putting the toilet lid down. Cats, especially kittens or less agile old cats, fall into drowning.

Many bathroom essentials are toxic to cats. Make sure all medicines and other toxic substances are stored safely. Store all fragile and dangerous goods safely in cabinets, cabinets, and drawers; if your cat knows how to open the door (some cats know how to open it), use an anti-baby lock to keep it out of the door.

In the laundry room, be sure to check your dryer before starting (cats like to snoring on or inside the dryer) and put detergent, bleach and other chemicals in an anti-cat container.

Hanging ropes, such as curtains, blinds, and luminaire ropes, can be a danger of strangulation. Bundle all the wires or fasten them out of reach. Make sure all windows have solid screens. If your cat is an indoor pet, be careful not to slip out when you are in and out of the room.

Don't underestimate your cat! Curiosity can make any kitten play its biggest role, their claws can turn over the trash can and even knock on the lid.

Put the rubbish in a trash can with a solid lid and a latch. The trash can is a source of dangerous goods such as bones and sharp cans. Plastic bags are as dangerous as cats and children, so be sure to store them in a safe place or store them in a sealed recycling bin.

Felines will investigate anything they can adapt to, they can adapt to small spaces. The warmth and darkness of the furniture make it an attractive nest. Before using or closing the furniture, you should also check the mechanical mechanism of the furniture - the recliner and the sofa bed.

Chewing a wire is fatal, and pulling it may cause an appliance that might harm your cat to malfunction. The lamp is in danger of strangulation. Bundle all the wires or fasten them out of reach.

Strings, yarns, floss, elastic materials, especially needles and threads, are very attractive, but if swallowed they can cause serious, often fatal, damage. Store anything that is like a rope and anything that is so small that it can be swallowed in a drawer or where the cat's claws cannot penetrate.