Could every dog swim?

Dogs are born with strong natural instincts, including barking, burrowing, and being completely cute to humans. Some people also think that swimming is a natural skill for all dogs. Why do they call it "dog paddling" unless this is something that all canines can do? Swimming is not necessarily the natural ability of a dog. Although many dogs are completely amphibious, many of their best friends tend to sink into the water like a bag of bricks. For these dogs, it's as easy to put their heads on the water and keep their noses away from the tails of other dogs. In other words, this is almost impossible.

When it comes to swimming, canines are usually divided into three categories. Some people swim, some learn to swim, and some should avoid all the water. Water hounds, golden retrievers, Irish hounds, English hounds and Newfoundland, which love water, belong to the first category - all excellent swimmers. This is mainly because they are strong in their limbs, but this ability may also exist in their genes. Many are specially developed to retrieve waterfowl or water rescue. Every dog has a strong tradition of swimming in the breed and usually likes to swim in the water.

At the other extreme are low-slung, robust breeds such as bulldogs, dachshunds and boxers. Their short legs do not have enough thrust to float in the water environment. Breeds with short faces, such as pugs, are also difficult to swim because they are prone to fatigue. Puppies like Malta and Chihuahua are sometimes good swimmers, but they are prone to freezing or fear in the water, which increases the risk of drowning.

Some dogs may have the ability to swim but still have a fatal fear of water. These animals tend to panic when they are underwater. For dogs in the water, panic can quickly lead to fatigue, which makes the possibility of drowning more. This is bad news for you and your pet. When a dog is frightened in the water, it will try to climb onto you, kick you, and catch you until you land successfully (if you are teaching your dog to swim, bring a life jacket suitable for the puppy). The personality of an animal is also an important factor in determining whether it can swim. Some dogs don't even like to go out in the rain, let alone go swimming.

If your dog is not a Michael Phelps dog, don't despair. You can still enjoy the water fun with a land-loving Lapp dog. Assuming your pet really likes to be flooded, there are many different life jackets and jackets that will keep your dog safe and sound in the pool or pond. For those who like to keep dry, there is always a puppy daybed in the water.

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