Why is my doggie whining?

Dogs are our companions for thousands of years. From an evolutionary perspective, dogs have adapted to understand human gestures and specific phrases. Sometimes they speak with different tones and rhythms so that we can better understand their needs.

The dog has evolved to be able to manipulate us now!

In fact, studies have shown that dogs often use a typical "sinful dog, double eyes" to escape mischievous behavior. This is a form of communication. This means that the dog knows exactly how to attract our attention. They not only use body language, but also develop unique whine, scream and crying skills to seek attention.

Puppy in pain or fear

The veterinarian knows that a whining dog that will cry all the time may have long-term pain. Some examples of chronic pain include:

  • Toothache caused by poor hygiene
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Orthopedic pain

It is important to remember that whine and crying may be related to secondary clinical symptoms. Dogs who are afraid of special circumstances may whistle to remind the owner.

Bored or excited

Complaints and whimpers can also be boring or exciting performances. It is important to take the whole picture into consideration so that you can understand why your dog is screaming.


A boring dog not only makes a snoring, but also shows signs of vandalism, such as digging holes, emptying garbage or chewing household items.


An excited dog will scream and scream, looking more active and more interesting. A dog that is prone to snoring when excited is a high-energy dog.