Is my dog at risk of heart disease?

Unless your dog lives in a vacuum, he is at risk. Similarly, the disease is transmitted by mosquitoes, which can be transmitted anywhere. Many mosquito-carrying mosquitoes can survive in a variety of climatic conditions and are threatened throughout the country throughout the year (even in winter). Most likely, your dog is bitten by mosquitoes more than you.

It is known that heartworm disease is caused by mosquito-borne parasites. It is important to know if your dogs are under risk of the heart disease caused by mosquito-borne parasites. If you left your dogs untreated, the disease could be a debilitating disease that sometimes proves to be fatal. The early symptoms of heart worm disease are hard to be observed and the late symptoms includes sports intolerance, cough, fatigue and weight loss.

The good news is that protection is simple. There are very effective preventive measures to prevent the development of pet heartworms. Through prophylactic use throughout the year, the risk of infection is greatly reduced. You can also avoid contact with mosquitoes by keeping the dog indoors, especially at dusk, when mosquitoes are eating.

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