How to pamper your dog

"People's best friend" is the reason for a cliché - for many of us, our dog companions are more than just pets; they are very important members of our family. More people wait longer for children (if we choose to have children), so we usually have more time, energy and resources to pamper our pets than ever before. The pet care industry reflects this trend: According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans spend more than $3 billion a year on pet services alone. We don't just want our dogs to be healthy - we want them to be happy and know that we cherish them. Is there any better way to express your love than to give your dog a good care?

You may think that you can't afford your dog. While connivance means luxury, this is true, but there are many simple, inexpensive ways to do it. Of course, some dogs will receive special treatment, which will make people paralyzed. If you have enough budget, the sky is the limit. Many owners equate connivance with feeding their dogs food or giving them a lot of food, but too much food can inadvertently cause it to get sick, at least overweight. It's also important to remember that there is a good line between connivance and love - the indifference of your dog's bad behavior doesn't help you both. So, if you don't often let your dog sleep on your bed, for example, take the initiative to let it sleep on your bed, sometimes it will only send mixed information to it.

The best way to pamper your dog is to spend a good time with it, keep it alive, and feed it. Next, learn how to make your dog feel special about what you might have been around the house.

Most dogs like to eat, um, almost everything. It is very simple to give your dog something, such as some uncooked cooked meat or cooked vegetables like green beans or carrots. You can even grill your dog food yourself, just make sure your recipe doesn't include any ingredients that are bad for dogs, such as onions. If baking is not your style, you can find high quality food online or at a professional pet store. Most of your dog's nutrition should come from food, not snacks, so keep this in mind when distributing food. It is also a good idea to consult your veterinarian about your dog's snacks.

An easy way to pamper your pet is to keep it in mind when planning your event. If your pet only likes to explore outdoors, consider taking him for a hike. Dogs who like to play in the water, like Labrador retrievers, may like to travel to the lake. Many communities now have dog parks where your dog can leave his belt and socialize with other dogs. Even in Cincinnati, Ohio, there are some private dog parks, such as Wagspark, where your dog can play in the fountain and jump from the springboard into the lake for a fee (or membership). Or play in a special game structure.

If your dog is well acquainted with basic commands, he may be training in agility. Sporty, work-type breeds like boxers or the Border Collie may like this challenge, and when you learn how to best guide it through a course, you will connect with your dog. There are many official agile organizations, including the American Dog Agile Association and the North American Dog Agile Council, which can help you find training and competitive opportunities.

Maybe your dog is not that competitive type, but if he is calm and likes others, he might like to be a treatment dog. Dogs can bring comfort, happiness and care to people in nursing homes, hospitals, shelters and schools. Ask your local nursing home or hospital to find out if they have the right plan. Organizations like Therapy Dogs International can evaluate your dog to see if it fits, register you as a team, and connect you to projects and facilities.

Maybe the ordinary dog bed is not cut for your dog companion. If not, you can give your dog a serious and comfortable sleep, such as the Tunple ankle dog bed, using the same viscoelastic memory foam on the mattress. Dogs with short hair or joint problems may particularly like hot dog beds. Some have microwaves and some are plugged into the wall.

For dogs that need to spend a lot of time outdoors, you can buy an insulated kennel; some dogs even have heaters or built-in cold beds. When your dog has to leave home, a down jacket or wool jacket can make winter more comfortable, and the boots on his feet can prevent snow from hurting his claws in the winter, while hot asphalt burns them in the summer. You don't have to sacrifice style; many companies, from juicy fashion to Burberry, will be designers' dogs.