What exactly is a microchip and why rabbit really needs it

The microchip is a small electronic device of a meter size. Through rapid injection, the microchip is inserted under the skin of the rabbit between the shoulder blades. Once inserted, the rabbit can't feel the microchip and the special capsules around it, which means it won't break down - the microchip is designed to keep your pet alive.

Why should I install a microchip for my rabbit?

Both indoor and outdoor rabbits are at risk of running away and getting lost. Because they don't wear collars, the microchip is the only way to determine the identity of your rabbit – which means that your rabbit microchip greatly increases the changes in your lost rabbit when you reunite with you. This can save a lot of heartbreak, of course, it is better for your rabbit!

When should I load a microchip for my rabbit?

Your rabbit should be cut off with a microchip as soon as it is received. Surgery is very rapid and is considered relatively painless; it should not be more painful than testing by injecting or drawing blood. Some owners require their pet to be implanted with a microchip when stripped or castrated, which means that the microchip is implanted when the rabbit is under anesthesia. This is a common practice, but if your rabbit was accidentally lost before then, there may be no proof of identity.

Where can I put my rabbit into a microchip?

A qualified microchip implanter places the microchip under the skin between your rabbit's shoulder blades. All veterinarians and nurses are eligible to implant microchips, and many pets have their microchips implanted in veterinarians. The operation is very fast and most rabbits have almost no discomfort. Microchip implantation by qualified personnel is very important because complications can occur if not handled properly.

This microchip only needs to be placed once because it is designed for the life of the rabbit.